We are an Estate Executor and Power of Attorney’s best friend!

Most people don’t realize the amount of time, effort and drain on their emotions it takes to effectively settle an estate or assist a family member in downsizing. 

Consider Judy, her mother recently passed away and she was named the executor of the estate. Thus giving her the responsibility of selling the entire contents of her mother’s home. The thought was dreadful to Judy as she grieved their close and loving relationship.

The house was completely furnished with many antiques, paintings and jewelry that all needed to find a new home. Judy’s attorney recommended she contact us to assist with this endeavor. We put an action plan into place, which included marketing all the personal property for sale by auction. Listing the items in the open-market setting enabled her to achieve the highest possible price quickly. Our team arranged for a clean out service to remove the remaining items immediately following the sale. 

Judy’s dread was nearly gone, but she still had the task of managing the home itself. 

With no recent updates, the house was in need of major TLC. We suggested auctioning the real estate and explained the benefits of a fast sale with no-contingencies, and quick closings. Judy would be able to pick the day the house sells without lifting one paintbrush!  She was downright excited by the idea of a fast selling process that eliminated ongoing maintenance. By choosing the auction method, Judy freed herself from the heartache and was able to move on to the next chapter of her life.

We help hundreds of individuals and families every year, many are just like Judy. Others are downsizing, or farmers who have every kind of equipment and machinery to sell. We represent  small business owners with a niche market of buyers that we connect with online. Or lifelong collectors of sporting equipment, musical instruments, or fine art, who are ready to lighten the load a bit. We get collections to collectors. We present your property so professionally that it becomes a celebration of the second or third life it is able to have in a new home. 

Real Stories from Real Clients

More Real Life Results

A local attorney who was the executor for an estate in Center Valley recently contacted us to help with the sale of a property and contents; consisting of household items, furnishings, tools and several large pieces of machinery. We suggested we conduct an online auction for all personal property items, then we’d get to work with a clean-out company to get the real estate ready for a live on-site auction. Through smart digital marketing, the first results were favorable for the estate.

THE RESULT:The real estate auction attracted 17 registered bidders competing for ownership on auction day. The property sold for $415,000, pleasing the estate and the attorney who referred us.

Sell Your Home and Everything in It

We were recently contacted by a woman who moved her mother into a nursing home and needed to sell the home and the contents. We suggested a live on-site auction to sell the contents and the real estate all in one day. The contents consisted of regular household items and furnishings, it was the sellers wishes to sell what we could and the rest would be donated or cleaned out.

THE RESULT: The auction went well with a respectable crowd of bidders, the real estate sold for $220,000 about $20,000 above what they were hoping to get.

She Thought He Was Nuts, Until We Sold Her Farm for Over $1 Million

We were contacted by a woman whose brother just passed away and she needed to sell a farm and the entire contents. We met her and her sons at the property to walk through and discuss what we saw. The home was full of interesting items including antiques, paintings, farm equipment and American Indian items. We knew they would attract a global or national audience, so we recommended an online auction to get the word out to serious buyers.

We got to work separating, cataloging and photographing the items. It is hard work, but marketing is a very important part of our process. Our database of 20,000+ serious buyers received several emails and social media notifications as bidding opened on our website. We also placed advertisements in local newspapers, as traditional forms of marketing should not be underestimated!

The sale was a success, with local, regional and national bidders competing for every piece of the action. In fact, it was such a success that her son suggested she hire our company to auction the real estate too. She thought he was nuts, but only because she was unfamiliar with the process of auctioning real estate, as many people are! But with her newfound trust in us, she was open to hearing more.

THE RESULT: Fast forward to auction day, more than 30 bidders arrived, each ready to buy the property as-is with no contingencies. AND make an immediate deposit of 10% and close within 45 day– a nice, clean, no-hassle sale. To her surprise, the property sold for $1,180,000! 

There are Unexpected Perks of Doing it All

We were contacted by a husband and wife who were in the process of downsizing from their 4,000 square foot home. After an introductory call they hired us to assist with the sale of their antiques, artwork and furnishings. We ended up helping them clean out the house and assist with the move.

THE RESULT: The personal property auction went so well that they decided to sell the home at auction as well. Many registered bidders competed side by side for the property, which sold for $520,000.

We Understand When Selling is Painful

A man whose wife passed away called our office, she was a passionate collector of primitive furniture, stoneware and similar items. We immediately knew he had a deep and delicate attachment to her beloved collection, and keeping them any longer had become more difficult for him. He needed our help. We coordinated a time to pack and move the items back to our action gallery, then photographed and cataloged each piece for auction.

THE RESULT: The items were beloved by our network of buyers too! Due to our marketing, this auction received more than 25,000 views online, creating stiff competition between bidders and a favorable result for our client.

Large Equipment Sells Quickly

A large contracting company was closing their business and needed to sell all the equipment fast. We recommended conducting a live auction with online bidding. In this style of auction, bidders can bid in-person with the auctioneer, or follow along online in real-time. As with most auctions of this kind, certain items exceed expectations and others turn out to be good buys for the bidders.

THE RESULT: The end goal of selling everything quickly was achieved! The results were over $250,000 in sales in less than four hours.

“What looked like a chaotic mess, was cleaned up and gone. And the Problem was solved.”

“I couldn’t have been happier, it was the best thing I have ever done.”

Here is what our clients have to say about us!

“I had a great experience selling furniture through Tom Hall Auctions. I worked with Cathy. I found them to be completely professional. If you’ve ever sold anything online you know how much work it can be:  photos, listing it, probably on multiple places, showing it. Meeting people at a neutral location to sell it. It wouldn’t have been a full time job for me with the furniture I wanted to sell.”

– David Zagnoli

“I would like to tell everyone dealing with Tom Hall Auctions, they could not have been better for me. They have the nicest people working for them. Catherine and Bill made my life so much easier. They walked me through the whole auction of my brother’s belongings, then we auctioned his house. Wow, I can’t thank them enough for everything they did. I recommend them 100%. It was so much of a pleasure having you take care of our furniture we could not use in our new condo. Your fees were most honest and I got more than expected going to auction.”


“I couldn’t be more pleased with my family’s choice in selecting Tom Hall Auctions to liquidate my father-in-law’s sizable estate or antiques and collectibles. Catherine came out to visit the home and see the extensive collection of items we were tasked with selling and provided concrete answers to all our pressing questions. Any time I had to email her about something, she responded quickly.

In addition, the fine folks that help out with moving items are really nice and easy to get along with. They never once complained about the backbreaking work or hot conditions we had to endure to get the massive job done. And in the end, we were more than pleased with what we received for the items. My family put our full faith in Tom Hall Auctions and I’m happy we did. And we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

– Amie Bentley

“On a scale of 0 – 10 (10 being the highest), I would rate Tom Hall Auctions a 15 over-all! From the time I first met Bill Hall and shook his hand, I knew I was dealing with a highly competent and caring person. The selling of the household treasures in their auction gallery and the sale of the real estate exceeded our expectations. Bill and Company were the very best experience in what was an extremely stressful and unusual situation. We will be looking forward to doing business with this fine company in the future.”

– LaRue

We can sell your home & everything in it!

After the sale of your home or property, we can also assist in selling the contents through our online auction process. We photograph, market and sell the items, then arrange a whole house cleanout at the close of our services.

Simply said: One call can actually do it all!