We Offer BOTH Options for Selling Your Real Estate

It is important to find a real estate partner whose process makes you feel comfortable from beginning to end. To meet all of your specific needs, we offer both traditional real estate listing services in the MLS and real estate auction services.

Whether you are in the process of downsizing, settling an estate, or need assistance selling a home, we make it easier for you. Our auction experience spans more than 45-years, and includes the successful sale of well-over 1,000 properties. Part of a strong network within the real estate industry, traditional sellers can also count on us to deliver the same exceptional experience.

Option 1 – Sell by Traditional Listing

Benefits of Real Estate Listings

Listing your home with our Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Fox & Roach Partnership is the most familiar way to sell property. The primary benefit of a traditional listing is that you have more say over the final price, as you accept or decline offers. This is a common way to approach real estate if you do not need to sell by a specific date.

We walk you through the entire process from listing to closing. Our team will help you set the right price to position your property to attract buyers, and we make ourselves available to answer all of your questions along the way.

Any of our services apply to: Single Family Homes; Farms; Land; Estates Properties; Commercial & Investment Property; Multi-Unit Properties, and Portfolios. 

Option 2 – Sell  by Auction

Benefits of Real Estate Auctions

Auctions have a set date and time so you know exactly when your property will be sold. If selling quickly in as-is condition is important to you, then a real estate auction may be a better choice for you.

The key benefit of an auction is selling your property as it stands, in as-is condition. Meaning, you do not have to make costly cosmetic updates like painting and adding curb appeal. The property sells with no contingencies to qualified buyers on the day you choose. 

In strong markets, bidder-competition that day can produce a sale price that exceeds the seller’s expectations. While in a slower markets, an auction is a great way to sell fast and move on with your future plans!

The average property at auction sells for between $200,000 and $300,000. However, our robust marketing approach has resulted in sales of more than $500,000, and several over the magic number of $1,000,000!

Which is the right way to sell my property?

There is no definitive answer as to which method is best. The decision to sell through a listing or at auction has more to do with your unique situation. Our well-rounded experience is the answer though to finding the best method for you!

Are you inclined to base your selling decision strictly on price?  Then a traditional listing is the best choice for you.
Do you value selling your property quickly without making cosmetic updates?  Then an auction will work well for you!

When you begin the selling process with a licensed professional who can navigate both types of real estate sales, you automatically maximize your chance of making the best possible choices toward the successful sale of your property.

Marketing Your Property

Once you select the auction method and date, we unleash a custom marketing campaign that combines digital and traditional channels to reach every potential buyer. Our promotion to eager buyers begins well before auction day!
  • Emails to 20,000+ buyers
  • Attention grabbing signage on property
  • Listing in our Auction Calendar
  • Listing on multiple real estate websites
  • Facebook posts and paid ads
  • Craigslist listing
  • Direct mail
  • Open House handouts
  • Print newspaper advertisements
  • Traditional listings on MLS
  • Access to BHHS accurate marketing tools
  • Flexible showings of traditional sales
  • Smartphones apps

    * Important Note: Commission may be higher on lower value properties and multi-property auctions

It’s Easy for Buyers and Sellers! Listen to this Client’s Success Story and Learn About Bidding on Real Estate.

We can sell your home & everything in it!

After the sale of your home or property, we can also assist in selling the contents through our online auction process. We photograph, market and sell the items, then arrange a whole house cleanout at the close of our services.

Simply said: One call can actually do it all!